Dish of the day

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The dish of the day is pork stew in the oven with potatoes

Vegetarian "Social dinner"

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Trattoria Vaticano Giggi attends you Thursday 12 october at 8.30 p.m. for Vegetarian 'Social dinner' in its location in Catone Street, 10 (Square Risorgimento).

The menu is about dishes realized with fresh vegetables.
Appetizer: Tris of Omelets of Giggi (potatoes and onion without eggse, zucchine, spinach).
First dish: Fettuccine with artichokens.
Second dish: Eggplants Parmigiana or Zucchine Parimigiana with mozzarella.
Mineral water and Roman Castle wine.
Event price: Euro 22.00 each person.
Available places: 20

Italian tomato

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The Italian tomato, in particular the peeled San Marzano, is very good for preservation because it’s very resistant and contains the right amount of water. The quality of this fabulous vegetable ranges from region to region, but the authentic peeled tomato is just that from Campania (which is why it is the most used in Italian cuisine).

Unfortunately, tomato is a great business, especially regaring the production of salsa and the preservation of cherry tomatoes.

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ROME, 16 NOV "Tourists and Roman people like Amatriciana pasta".

In Rome Giggi does ''an exaggeration'' Giggi is the restaurant just a few steps from the Vatican Museums directed by Luigi Tondinelli, chef and interpreter of Matricianus on Spqr film directed by Claudio Risi. ''Bucatini amatriciana characterize Rome - comments Tondinelli - and criticizing them means losing the contact with history and popular culture that just 'cause the capital is multi-ethnic, should be revalued.

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12:30-3:30 a.m.
18:30-10:30 p.m

Open every day for lunch and dinner
Sunday open only lunch 
Monday closed

Groups of up to 70 people are accepted.

Ariete 2002 sas - Via Catone, 10 (angolo Piazza Risorgimento) - 00192 Roma P.I. 06902411005